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People are starting to come across this fledgling blog, so I thought I’d better get rid of the generic welcome note and say hi!

This site is planned as the focus of my Soul series of paranormal romances that so far includes Soul of the Dragon and Soulflight. If I ever get time, those books will be made available for sale. In the meantime…

Soul of the Dragon

Alexa Ranger has prepared every minute of her 33 years for the quest upon which she is about to embark. Nearly a thousand years ago a young mage, thwarted in his desire to wed a peasant girl, cursed the lord who was her lover. The lord became a dragon, Cyrgyn, destined to live his immortal life without Alexa, his soulmate. They’ve had four lifetimes to reverse the curse. Three times they have failed.

But things are different now. Alexa is no peasant, but a spy with technology and experience behind her. She’s well-matched against their enemy, Tarsuinn, and has confidence in their eventual success. But success will have its cost; she’s met a man who is stealing her heart. What will that mean for Cyrgyn, who is falling in love with the new Alexa? He may regain his human form, only to lose his reason for seeking it.


Samantha Ranger can fly. Thirteen years ago someone shot her because of it, and threatened her family. She ran. Now they’ve found her again. Rock Davis, a freelance spy and friend of Samantha’s cousin Alexa, is sent to protect her. Their enemy? Rock’s brother-in-law, Pike Laurent, who is busy kidnapping people to fulfill his dream of running a superhero agency.


About Natalie J. Damschroder

Author of High-Stakes Romantic Adventure and Paranormal Romance Love with a Shot of Adrenaline www.nataliedamschroder.com Goddesses Rising: UNDER THE MOON, out now HEAVY METAL, July 2013 SUNROPER, TBD
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